Appointment & Sales Control (ASC) System

Below is a summarized explanation of what is the ASC System. If you would like to get additional information, feel free to use my contact form; a live, running example in its full glory can be shown. In addition, a demo for your own company – limited to a few days – can be set up, free of charge.


One of my friends works in the Tele­communication sector. In Belgium, the Tele­communication sector has turned into one of the most competitive ones in the country. A law was passed in October 2012, allowing all residential customers and plenty of business customers to breach their contract after six months, regardless of the original signed duration (which was usually 12, 24 or even 36 months).

Needless to say, prices of new contracts started to drop almost instantly. Telecom companies try to anticipate this by actively offering to arrange a change of operator. On the side of the customer, this leads to a lower monthly fee for their telecom services. The company doing the change gets commissioned for bringing in the new client.

It figures that there are plenty of companies anticipating on this new marketing tendence. Such a company usually has salesmen and planners: the planners call people and try to make an appointment. The salesmen does the actual visit and tries to convince the customer to switch to a different operator on a cheaper plan. For these companies, it is of vital importance that they have a decent overview of their sales numbers. They need an intuitive way to make the concept work: making appointments and sharing the details with salesmen, reporting sales (if any) for those appointments, …

This is why I decided to create a web-based application called the ASC System.

What is it?

The ASC System offers an intuitive interface with a calendar for each salesman. Planners (or the salesmen themselves, if required) can insert appointments in these calendars. Salesmen can report statusses to their appointments as well as their sales on each appointment.

The system offers an easy-to-use overview for the Sales/Field Manager. The Sales Manager can view a variety of statistics, including the products that have been sold – and how man, the total turnover of each salesmen, percentages as to how many appointments are succesfull, and all that can be viewed for any desired period of time.

The Sales Manager can inform his people of changes or additions to current plans/options by the “News” feature. Once a News is posted, it is shown in the calendar of each employee with an account in the ASC System. They have to “acknowledge” the news flash.

In order to ensure a certain “Social aspect”, there is a “birthday”-list and a forum implemented. The creation of Topics on the Forum can be limited as you wish. There is also an “Info” Portal attached to the System, in which basic information such as charts of the operator plans can be posted and shared.

Another important feature is the set of “Tools” that is available. The main one being the “Energy Savings Tool” – which is only useful if the company only sells Energy plans as well. However, there are also plenty of tools visible to the Sales Manager only to overview several aspects.


The ASC System is a complete software package that can be used for your sales company to keep track of your turnover and to ensure optimality of performance for your salesmen. Any overview you can think of, any information you would like to see based on the data in the system, can be extracted per your wish.

The System is not necessarily “as is”: if you would like to see certain features added on top of the existing features, that is certainly a possibility.