November 25, 2011: Ending

Today, I consider this project to be ended. I have finally chosen a team that I completely like, customized it to my needs, and filled everything as I wanted it to be. This project is finished. I’ll be looking for another one soon. Interested? Let me know!

November 17, 2011: Project list

Today, I added a Project page as well as a News page for the last updates (actualized through RSS). I have added the project “Upgrading”, a site that I have created in 2007 and needs actualizing. Go to the corresponding project page for more information.

I have also experienced a little bit with CSS, on advice of my class mate John Gybels. I added a header on my site and was able to give it a decent shadow. I hate to fix the border-radius and I enableb overflow for that division.

Lastly, being a big fan of everything Google has to offer, I have integrated Google Analytics and the Google “Plus One” button on every page.

November 16, 2011: Own website started

Today, I got the idea to start my own website. I was not really interested in doing a lot of designing myself, nor making my own background engine. I saw one of my college mates (Jonas Devlieghere) using WordPress for his own Ambient Light Project┬áblog, and I thought of trying it out. Only problem is that WordPress is actual “blog” software whereas I just wanted to create a website with information and nothing more. That was easily fixed though: just some html/php code edit and most of the links and comment fields were gone!

I have also added an “about me” page as well as my Curriculum Vitae.