Upgrading sgl-fas.be

On this project page, I will keep you informed on the “upgrading” of the current SGL-FAS.be website. It’s getting a bit old, time for a change!

I’ll put the news on this page, the most recent news first.

March 25, 2012: Site published, project finished

Indeed, as of today, my design – having been tweaked the last couple of days – has been accepted by the Board of Directors last friday. I presented the new design and implementation and they liked it right away. They unanimously decided to accept the new website and give me permission to upload it. which I did: See the new site here!

I will list this project under the “finished” category, however it’s not done yet. One of the Directors got the idea to add an English version to the website, so that it becomes accessible for even more people. This will be thought about and discussed, and I will surely keep you informed, should anything be decided. In the case where an English version will be added, the project will be reopened.

November 19, 2011: Further Development

I have created about all the pages that are on the old site, and filled them up with the correct text. That was quite a big work considering how “unordered” everything was on the old site. You can see the new design here. Of course, the pages still contain some mistakes. There’s things displaying a bit incorrectly. All things that will be fixed in the next “round” of the project. I’ll keep you posted!

November 17, 2011: Project started

As you could read in my Curriculum Vitae, I have developed and I still maintain the website of the Secret Army Foundation of Belgium. Considering the current age of the website, I have decided to remake it to give it a more modern and fresh look.

However along with this come the “language”-difficulty. SGL-FAS is a bilingual organisation (Dutch and French) and the new website has to be available in both languages.

Because the website should be dynamic (several people able to edit and post news on it without having to pass by me), I decided to use the WordPress engine with the qTranslate plugin. This plugin enables the functionality to make pages bilingual and show the correct language content according to the language selection of the visitor. I have made a test webpage (the contact form) and this seems to work. I’ll now propose this look to the responsible of the SGL-FAS and see if they like the idea.